2.8L Cummins

2.8L, 4 Cylinder Cummins Turbodiesel

Cummins has worked with the Department of Energy (DOE) and Nissan Motors in the development of a high efficiency 2.8L diesel engine. The project, codenamed "ATLAS", dates back to 2010, and was scheduled to near completion in 2014. The test mule for the 2.8L, inline 4 cylinder has been Nissan's Titan pickup, though Nissan and Cummins have since confirmed that the Titan will receive a larger, 5.0L V-8 from Cummins. However, Nissan has been toying with the idea of using the 2.8L platform in its mid-size Frontier pickup model. Efficiency, emissions, and power density were priority objectives of the project. In testing, the engine was able to deliver more than 26 mpg while powering a full-size Nissan Titan pickup.

The light pickup version of the 2.8L Cummins is based on previous engine designs - the European ISF2.8 and the agricultural/industrial QSF2.8. Obviously, a key difference in this variant is the emissions equipment, as the engine has to meet strict regulations for on-highway diesels in the U.S. The engine features a unique diesel oxidation catalyst (DOC), selective catalytic reduction system (SCR), and diesel particular filter (DPF); all three systems are combined and mounted to the engine, rather than further down in the exhaust stream. The engine also features a water-to-air intercooler (charge-air-cooler).


2.8L Cummins Specs


Inline 4 cylinder


2.8 liters, 171 cubic inches

Cylinder Head Material:

Cast iron

Engine Block Material:

Cast iron


Direct Injection, high pressure common rail, piezo injectors


Turbocharged, water-to-air intercooler/charge air cooler




Approx. 475 lbs, not including emissions equipment


210 hp @ 3,600 rpm


385 lb-ft @ 1,800 rpm


Integral engine mounted DOC, SCR, DPF


2.8L Cummins Dimensions








In testing, the engine has been mated to a ZF built 8 speed automatic transmission. The small displacement 4 cylinder turbodiesel musters up an impressive 385 lb-ft of torque at a modest 1,800 rpm. Though torque curves have not been made public, we'd assume it is relatively flat and broad. Nissan has been hesitant to comment on its participation in the ATLAS ( Advanced Technology Light Automotive Systems) project, but did use the 2.8L Cummins in their Frontier "Diesel Runner" concept, which was unveiled at the 2014 Chicago Auto Show.